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Horny underage lolita girls

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preteen lolita

Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this my lolita non nude or not! 8/98 ************************************************************************** RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-4 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 4" (Part #4) Copyright 1997 young lolita pic info Vince Water ************************************************************************** Author's note: One of my devoted readers has found a small 'oops' in amatur bbs lolitas pics the third story part that occured between Jimmy and Rick in the bathroom. I had written that Jimmy wondered why Rick's dick wasn't even as long as his own 'and this boy was THREE russian underground lolita pics YEARS older than himself.' Actually, it should have been only 'ONE year older than himself' since Jimmy is thirteen and Rick is fourteen. My thanks to S.B. for catching that! I welcome all comments and suggestions to my story-in-progress. Let me know what you think of this story and what you would like to see happening in it. I may just include your wish in a future story part! Write me. Okay? Vince_WaterHotMail.com ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" pre lolita bikini models * * - part 4 - * Jeff was afraid of the man's presence. He let go of Jimmy's hand and streaked into the trees to fetch their breech-cloths. The boys preteen moppet lolita nymphet covered their bodies in a rush while the man fumbled with something in his hands. It was a camera. Jimmy helped tie the long thong belt around Jeff's waist. His deerskin flap with the yellow painted wavy lines was folded over the belt in front of the boy while the black-lined cloth was folded over his belt in back. Jimmy folded his two painted cloths over his belt. The flap with red circles ended up over his butt. When the two boys were clothed (as much as two Indian flaps over their bodies could be considered 'clothed'), the man kept them from escaping with his outstretching hands. There was no scolding tones in small lolita nude models his voice when he spoke, only praise. "I think your breech-cloths were the best-painted of all the boys," he explained. "Can I take a few pictures of you in them?" "Who are you?" Jimmy asked. The voice sounded familiar but he didn't recognize the man. He stood tall over them; a thin man wearing blue jeans and a loose-fitting shirt. The boy's question brought a chuckle from the man. "As Growing Tail... you knew my name." "He was Brightly Dressed!" Jeff shouted. 3d lolita sex pics The man nodded. "Don't recognize me in white man's clothing, eh?" Jimmy grinned. "No. You looked really different as an Indian." He didn't want to say any of the nn 12 14 lolita bad things that he had thought about the white man when he tried passing himself off as an Indian lolita spelled in russian warrior. "While I'm in white man's clothes, call me Peter." He uncapped the lens cover to his camera and checked on the number of exposures remaining. "Can I take pictures of the two of you?" Jeff was embarrassed by the thought of it. He looked around as if trying to come up with tight lolita sisters pussy some reason not to. Jimmy, on the other hand was proud that someone thought enough of his painted Indian breech-cloth to take pictures of it. He raised his arms in a show of strength, tightening his muscles in a proud 'Indian boy' stance. The man lifted the camera to his eye and focused on Jimmy. He snapped a photo. "That was good," said Peter. He noticed Jeff's worried look but knew how to turn the boy around lolita sexy models his way. A ploy that had worked before with other boys who felt shy before his camera. "I'll give you a chocolate bar for letting me take the photos..." Jeff's ears perked up. He LOVED chocolate. The man reached into his shirt pocket lolita kiddy underage yo and drew out a Hershey's bar which he gave to the little boy. 'Now there was a good reason for allowing the man to take pictures,' Jeff thought. He strutted beside his friend in a proud display of their Indian breech-cloths which didn't hide much. Peter shot a few pictures of them. It became a merry little game for Jimmy and Jeff. They both tried to out do each other with what they considered to be the best Indian poses for the lolita preteen small pussy man to nabakov lolita real name photograph them in. Fierce expressions filled their faces while their bodies hardened to show bulging muscles. Peter was very amused by their display. He was kept busy photographing them. The man squatted. He adjusted his camera lens and took photos of the boys' lower bodies; of their flapping breech-cloths and what skin peeked through from their movement. After a few shots, he asked the boys to stand sideways to him, facing each other and grasping each other's arms as if to wrestle. The boys performed as they were bidden. Jeff especially enjoyed the attention. A few more pictures were taken. Peter then asked the boys to stand back-to back while holding hands. It was a cute butts shot. The boys' breech-cloths hung down together in their backwards embrace. The man stepped closer and took carefully aimed shots. He wished for more. That's when cp loli child model the film ran out. Peter looked at his flat boobs gallery loli frame count with dread. "It's all exposed," he explained. Jeff pushed himself away from Jimmy and stuck preteen lolitas top erotica his butt out towards the man, taunting him by lifting up his rear flap. Peter chuckled at the boys' game. It was a cute little butt sticking out towards him under the rear flap. He calmly rewinded his camera and removed the used roll of 35mm film. Jimmy joined his friend by showing off his butt to the man. A fresh roll was inserted into the camera, slowly advanced with some clicks. Peter dropped to his knees in a rush. Snap! "I've caught you," he bragged. The two boys spun around in alarm. "You won't show anyone those photos that you're taking of us, will you?" Jimmy pleaded. nymphets and lolitas girl "No. They're only for me," Peter lied. "I've taken pictures of other boys in breech-cloths... and some without anything on." "You mean naked?" Jeff asked. Peter nodded his head. "I find boys a very interesting subject to photograph. It reminds me of my own youth when I skinny dipped in ponds, showered with older boys at school, stayed over at my friend's house to sleep and that sort of thing. I've grown up too quickly into a man. I miss my carefree times as a boy so my camera tries recapturing what I've lost." Jimmy came to understand what Peter was all about. As Brightly Dressed, he had given a speech to the boys about taking their time to have fun before growing too quickly into men. It made sense. Taking photos of boys helped the man to relive his own youth. Jimmy looked to Jeff for his reaction. He knew that the young boy was more easily embarrassed about things; getting russian lolita ped illegal naked before a camera would surely be one of them. Jeff was looking around to see russian lolita under 15 if there was anyone nearby. He then faced Jimmy as if to put the decision squarely on his shoulders. Jimmy felt that familiar heavy pang in his stomach. A warning of something yet the idea was thrilling to perform naked before this man. And he could be with his friend when doing it too! "Okay..." Jimmy began, "but let's not take the pictures out here." shameless lolita preteen models He turned to Jeff and saw the boy's acceptance of his decision. It was a silly thing to allow the man loli p t model his naked photographs but what harm could come of it? "We can go into the woods," Peter suggested. Jimmy nodded in agreement. The girl chan loli hentai man led the way while his 'Indian' boys followed after him. It was with much disappointment that the man recalled his not having more rolls of film on him. Jimmy took hold of Jeff's hand while they walked. He smiled when his friend tore into the lolita preteen angels nude candy bar's wrapper and bite off a chunk. When he was offered a piece, he eagerly ate the chocolate. Hershey's was the best! Peter took them deeper through the woods. He never looked back. Jimmy was drawn to the man's butt showing through his tight pants; how the shape nn home lolitas pics of his rounded cheeks could be seen as he walked. When wearing a breech-cloth, Jimmy had seen his rear nudity. The man had a muscular butt lolita hot brunette gives with hair over it. When they had walked some distance into the trees, Peter stopped. He found Jeff nibbling on his bar of chocolate. Jimmy bore a melted brown stain at the corner of his mouth. "This tgp lolitas pictures virgins place will make a great natural background for my photos," Peter explained. "You two do look like Indian boys... Cute, too!" Jeff blushed. Jimmy saw that he man was ready with his camera so he placed the half-eaten chocolate bar on the ground. His young friend faced him nervously. He still had his breech-cloth on. 'Should we remove them to allow naked pictures to be taken of us?' Jimmy wondered. "You won't be showing our photos to anyone?" he asked once more. real russian lolita pics "No. I keep them for myself," Peter answered. He saw the boys' shy reluctance so he lowered his camera when an idea came to him. A bold plan that may gain him with more than naked 'photos' from these boys. "Why not take a picture of me first?" Peter asked. He handed my preteen lolita videos Jimmy his camera and started unbuttoning his shirt. When it came off, the man's tanned chest was revealed. It was also very hairy. a lolita nude pics Peter looked down at Jimmy with a sly grin. When the boy remained still, he nodded his head in a gesture for his picture to be taken. Jimmy wasn't exactly sure of how to do it but he didn't want to appear stupid before his friend so he didn't ask. He lifted the heavy camera to his eye and pointed it at Peter. The image through the viewer was a little fuzzy. He recalled how the man had turned something around the lens before taking a picture so he tried it. The man's hairy chest came into view... A clear shot. Jimmy pressed lolita bikini model gallery the black button. Snap. Peter smiled. "That was good. When I get the roll developed, we'll see if your shot of me was in focus." Jeff wasn't satisfied with only the one photograph. He stepped towards Peter in a defiant stance and shouted, "Let's get a photo without you wearing any pants!" Jimmy was surprised by his friend's bold demand but it made sense. If they were freedom lolita bbs elwebbs going to pose nude, loli model image sets the man should do it also. Peter's smile vanished from his face when he saw that the boys were serious. Peter was concerned about the consequences. Even if no one learned of them taking naked photos of each other in the woods, his film might still get him into trouble. A friend developed it for him. She might not understand why a naked shot of himself would be found with the shots of summer camp activities; boy nudes weren't uncommon. He had photographed half-naked boys in breech-cloths before and a whole roll of film was once spent on a group of boys skinny dipping in the lake last summer. She developed those rolls of film without batting an eye... but a naked photo of himself?! The decision was made. Peter would risk it. He wasn't often able to find a naked boy to photograph and the two youths standing before him seemed willing... only if he did it first. "Turn that lever a few times," Peter asked. When Jimmy couldn't find the film advance, he helped the boy to do it. The camera was ready for its next shot. However, another loli bbs yo sites lever was secretly adjusted by the man. He hoped that the slower shutter speed would over expose the film or at the very least make the next shots too blurry to make out. That was the man's hope anyway. Peter backed away from Jimmy in the direction of the falling afternoon sun. Its glare would also make for a poor shot. He unfastened his jeans and unzipped his fly. The loosened pants dropped to his ankles. No socks or shoes were being worn. When he started pulling down his underwear, he became a bit self-conscious. 'What if prelolita bbs child models my camera could still take a good picture?' he wondered. An idea came to him. There wasn't any objections from the boys when he turned away. His underwear fell to his feet. 'A hairy butt for sure,' Jimmy thought. Jeff giggled at his side while looking the man over. He saw how the middle of Peter's body was quite pale compared to his darker legs below and his tanned chest and arms above. There was faint hair over both of the man's cheeks and he wondered about that. "Take a picture of my ass," Peter asked. The boys lolita porn pollas cubanas giggled. The black button was found and Jimmy started to press it. He kept still and aimed the camera at the man's backside. Snap. The photo was taken. Peter turned around in triumph. "That was good! Now, why don't the both of you remove your rear cloths and stand back-to-back so that I can take a picture of your rear ends!" The boys were slow to respond to Peter's request. Their eyes were wide when taking in the sight of the man's naked body. It sent tremors of excitement through Peter. He allowed the youths their moment of study. Jimmy looked over the man's frontal nudity. non nude lolita biz He saw a lot of hair on Peter's muscular chest which led down to a dark bush of groin hair. Sticking out from it was his cock, semi-hard with a pink head. Hanging below it was the man's hairy balls. They were huge! Both sacs dropped down between the man's legs, one a little lower than the other. Jeff also stared. This was his first time at seeing a grown man little girls sex lolita naked. He was amazed by all the HAIR. Jimmy had some from his growth but only on his groin. The youth wondered if his friend would also get a hairy butt when he grew older. He asked about it. horny underage lolita girls "No. Not every man has a hairy body like mine," Peter answered. "Some remain smooth like a boy's soft skin." A smile crossed his lips. It thrilled him to be the object of attention by such cute boys. free little lolitas nude "Do you have hair everywhere?" Jeff asked. Peter nodded. "All over me. It's softer in some places and coarse in others..." An idea came to him. "What to see?" Jimmy watched the man kick away his fallen pants and underwear from his feet. Fully naked, he stepped closer to them and raised up lolita chat room pics his arms, gesturing for his body to be touched. The boys were too shy. Peter saw this so he turned around. Jeff boldly reached out for his hairy butt. Jimmy giggled. Peter lolitas young boy pic felt a boy's hand over preteenlolita nude models tgp his right butt cheek. It was a very sensual feeling for him and he knew that his soft hair was being felt there. model lolita pictoris porn He kept his back to the curious boys so that they would feel more comfortable with their exploration. It worked. Another hand touched his left butt cheek, grasping its curve and following it downwards. The fingers brushed against his balls. He spread his legs in response and bent over a little. The boy gentle cupped them in his hand. "I think he's got hair in there!" Jeff whispered. Peter smiled. He bent over even more to open his butt to the curious boys. A coolness was felt over his hole. It was like a lightning bolt striking his body! He felt the sudden need for something to touch him there - a boy's probing finger, their tongue... even an erection sticking into him! The man was very lust-filled at that moment. Jeff was startled by the man's submissive pose. It looked very sexual to him in a way that he couldn't explain. Almost as if the man was waiting for them to do something to him... but what? Jimmy saw it too. He pulled away his fingers from the man's balls, brushing them against the crack of his butt. The pink rosebud in its depths puckered like a mouth's sad expression. A circle of black hair surrounded it. Jimmy gasped with understanding. He had seen Jeff in a similar naked pose; their front to back embrace in the shower and what it had led to between them. 'Was this man wanting me to stick into him?' The hands fell away from Peter's trembling body. He slowly straightened up in the hope that the boys' touching game would continue. I didn't. Their magical moment had ended. He realized that the boys were too young to know about fucking or the other acts of male sex. It was enough to show them what his mature body looked like. In return, he might get some nice photos of their wonderfully immature boy shapes: small, soft and hairless! Peter saw his clothes over the ground but decided not lolita top 50 portal to don them yet. He turned to face the youths. Jimmy's eyes lolita bbs kds galleries widened like dollar coins. He couldn't believe the SIZE of Peter's erection that had grown from what he'd seen earlier of the man's limp state. There was an inwards curve to the thick shaft. Its pink head almost reached to the man's navel. Peter gently took back his camera from Jimmy's hands. He reset the shutter speed and checked the frame counter. There were eighteen shots left. While he made other small adjustments to his camera, he gestured for the boys to get naked. Jeff was the first to pull away his folded cloth from his belt. He turned his back to Jimmy and waited. Peter remembered to advanced the film. It was with a sigh that Jimmy removed his rear flap. He turned around and stood against Jeff, their butts touching. Peter squatted low to the ground. He took some time focusing his camera before shooting the picture. When it was done, he asked the boys to face each other. His next move was to get them to remove their front cloths. Jimmy began feeling uncomfortable with his nudity. He felt an erection pressing against his front flap and he very much didn't want the man to see it. A quick peek proved that Jeff also bore one. Yet the youth seemed unmindful of it, even reaching under his front flap for a few pulls. That caused Jimmy's face to burn. He couldn't stop his friend's act with the man looking on. Small hands pulled at Jimmy's breech-cloth. Before he could stop it, Jeff had bared him. He looked down at his erection standing tall against his belly. The man's eyes were eagerly upon it. Jimmy could only grin and bear it. That's when he noticed the man pulling over his cock. A slow rubbing motion but one proving that he knew about that male pleasure. Jeff turned to his friend with both breech-cloths in his hands. Jimmy was too busy staring at the man's cock to notice him. That brought out some giggles in the little boy. He glanced down at the finger-sized pole standing against his belly and saw how it held no comparison for Peter's hugeness... so hard and tall in the man's moving asian lolitas at play hand. young girl sexy lollita Jimmy watched the two handling their dicks. It was a similar motion but there were many difference between the man's body and a boy's. lolita models 12 16 Jeff made a quick rubbing motion nn lolita panties models over his pole that got his balls bouncing. Peter's hand took a slow, long pull over his cock. Its pink head was wet. Dark hairs from the man's groin crunched against his palm with each stroke. It was like grasping the thick handle to a mighty tomahawk. Jimmy knew what its ending strike would be like. The man's 'blow' never came. He let go of his cock to shoot his camera instead. A photograph was made of Jeff. When the boy saw what was done, he let go of his erection in embarrassment. Jimmy laughed. underage illegal lolita girls "He caught you!" Peter hoped that his shot hadn't been too bold are scary for the youth. He squatted over lol b bs underage the dirt with his camera resting over his right thigh. Against his belly, the curving length of lolita model top portal his cock rested against his belly, oozing... and it throbbed with lolita girls nude sites each of his heart beats. Jimmy turned to face his friend. The painted flaps in Jeff's hands were dropped so that they could hold each other. Not an embrace; the boys stood close with their dicks nearly touching. Jimmy held Jeff with his right arm coming around the boy's neck. They both looked down to their bellies at that which made them boys. The man hungered for it. underground lolita love pics Peter held his breath. He saw the beautiful sight before him: legal lolita porn sites two cute boys in a loose embrace, naked; their dicks long and touching. Jimmy was standing on his right - a bit taller than Jeff on the left. Their heads coming together like friends sometimes do. The little boy held his dick and pressed its head against the older boy's erection. It was an amazing thing to watch. Taking a photo might disturb the reverence of their moment. The man risked it by bringing up his camera and aimed... Jimmy's hand was getting in the way. It looked like the boy was also going to pull over his erection, blocking the man's view of them. Peter slowly stood up for a better shot. He kept as still as the frightened bunny being stalked by the hawk. He tried acting like he wasn't even there so that the boys wouldn't snap out of their playfulness. The young teen lolita galleries man's finger swirled anxiously around the camera's button. He waited. Waited... As the man was going to go for the shot, Jimmy's hand moved back to his bbs dark loli vombat left hip. Peter had a clear shot of their bellies and what stuck out between them... erections pointing together. Snap. The photo was taken! It would later be considered the pride of Peter's collection. Jeff reached his left hand around his friend's butt and held it. Jimmy heard the click from Peter's camera and he felt embarrassed again so he brought his hands around Jeff's small body to hold the boy close to him; hiding their long dicks from the man's view. Peter advanced the film. He decided against taking more shots since it might dispell the boy's magical moment. He already managed his best capture of try teens lolitas models the day, and in years to come its enchanting image would get transformed from the 35mm negative little boy loli pics to thumbnails lolitas in bikinis a computer digitized image: haji_mik.jpg; an easier medium to share with all his boy-loving friends. Interested? Jimmy kept Jeff in a close forward embrace. They enjoyed nude lolita art bbs their sharing of bodily warmth, the sensual feel of bare skin against skin while between them there was a male struggle going on. It was urged on by the boys' hands over each other's butts; their pulling down motion timed together in a lusty beat not unlike a drum's rhythm. Only their drums were of flesh and it muffled their lusty hand lolitas goticas rubias guapas strikes. Peter watched it all in awe. He could imagine what the fronts of the youths were doing. Their butts were humping with sexual intent, driving the male motion lolita teen models top between the boys' bellies. His own belly was wet russia preteen loli nude from the oozing of his aching cock. He wished that it could join into lolita incest rape pic the boys' male battle of flesh swords. preteen boy pictures lolta 'Why not?' Peter decided. He put his camera down and slowly stepped towards the boys with his own need. His long hairy arms reached around their straining bodies, not yet capturing them until his cock was in position to slip between the boys' surging bellies. Jeff noticed the man at his side. He felt the intrusion of what had been only a boy's male struggle. The man's big hard cock was joining into it. Peter enclosed his arms around each youth's back. His hairy body pressed against boyish smoothness while his hard manhood found a place between young loli top porn boyhood expression. "Ah... It's all right," Peter assured his young friends. "I want to join your hug and do it with you if that's okay?" Jimmy felt the man's arm over his back, clutching him and straining to keep preteen top loli models hold. Jeff was looking down their bellies, at the man's cock sticking between their erections. They were rubbing together in a chaotic, untimed beat. And very mismatched! Yet Jimmy allowed it. He gave his worried friend a smile of assurance. 'The man was only wanting to join into their belly rubbing to shoot off his long dick.' Peter sighed with contentment. The boys accepted his embrace! His cock made slow forward stabs through their bumping bellies and he felt hard boy poles rubbing back. Not in a proper rhythm though. The man took control of their mating triad. His hands lowered to each boy's backside and set the timed pace. A gripping of their soft warm butts to get their poles thrusting up loli gamez virgins bbs against his; a wonderful smashing of maleness! His hands relaxed a moment before the next thrill-building surge. To avoid the awkward arm crunch, Jimmy and Jeff pulled out their arms that were against Peter's chest and finding nowhere better to rest them, clutched the man's butt. One hand per hairy cheek. Peter sighed at the touch. His butt was a very sensitive part of his body and two cute boys were holding it! His hands had a hold of their shapely softness, a very pleasing thing to the man. He squatted a little to properly align himself to the boys' stabbing level. Jimmy gasped for air. He felt the power of Man guiding his boyhood. An adult's lolita nude child portolio control over his sexuality but not in a frightening manner. Peter's big hand had taken russian preteen loli models all of his butt and moved the rest of his body towards sexual fulfillment. The forced forward stabs felt tremendous! His body lolita bbs nymphets anderage was smashed against Jeff's and smashed against free nude lolita org Peter's for a moment of utter male lust. That need to hurt until sweet release. Jeff was a little frightened. His loins weren't driven by a seed's need to be freed but he recognized the building thrills his erection was giving him. He clung to his friend until the end. Peter was very pleased. He kept the two boys in his charge on the path towards sexual ecstasy. It would be a good ending for all of them, he knew. lolita castle preteen models The nude lolipop russian models man's body labored at it. Though the forest air was cool, he felt sweated from their sexual performance. His hairy legs brushed against the boys' thin legs. He knew that they felt the soft hair of his lower chest and stomach tickling against their sides. And in the sweet spot, his coarse groin hair crunched against their smoothness. It was a wonderful show of man over boy. Jimmy panted for breath. His body was locked into a repeating exercise of maleness: stabbing forward pre teens nonude lolitas when his butt was pushed on hard by the nude young lolita video man, a thrill from it followed by a short retreat. He felt the hardness from the others snaking around his dick, moving, thrusting and pulling free lolita pic sites back. ukraine russian loli bbs Peter kept himself in check. He was stronger than the boys so he didn't want to hurt them. His arms moved with deliberate care, firm in rhythm but gentle. His hands cupped boy softness and pushed to guide their frontal maleness chan image board loli for stabs then relaxing over their butts in a repeating rhythm. He felt his cock very close preteen lola nymphet porn to its explosive release. Wait... not yet..! Jeff was the first to cry out. His held breath came out as a high- pitched wail that lolita boy top 100 was cut short by his urgent need to inhale. Jimmy heard it and his dick squirted. He too cried out from male victory, his voice more breath than voice. Peter grinned. He knew what his boys had done and at least one of them had shot his dick off. Their male knot between their bellies had become slippery. With a savage pull over lolita nude kids bbs the youths' butts, he bucked his own ass to drive his cock home. It was met with only boyish resistance, stabbing far. The man shot. He bucked again for his next few squirts and at their bitter-sweet ending, moaned out like a weary bear after a victorious battle. Jimmy enjoyed the brief thrills. His captured body surged and fought against the hands around him while he shot. The tense taunt bow string in him had snapped. His arrows flew. Wet ones. Jeff cried out again. Though his pole couldn't come out, it did give him intense sensations with each held breaths. He felt the heated wetness splashing over him from the others. It was an exciting moment! Yet brief. The three stood as if stuck together, joined by their male bonding. Loud breaths of air. A straining clutch of naked flesh, easing... hands relaxing over a companion's butt while little preteen lolita schoolgirls between them, at the center of male power and achievement, seeds of maturity and seeds of lolita tgp gallery post possibilities were proof of the enormity of what they had done. A wonderful thing! Jeff returned to himself. He rested against the others while catching his breath. Something trickled against his balls; a kind of wetness dripping down from them to his thighs. His eyes widened. He realized what it was and pride filled him for his friend's accomplishment. Peter's too. Jimmy took a deep breath. His sight cleared enough for him to see things again. He saw Jeff with a tense expression on his face. A lolita pre teen naked look at Peter proved that the man was very pleased with what they'd done. He could feel its wet result flowing down his belly to his dick. Peter was very happy. He had taken his two boys to that place where a man brings his mate little lolitas en pantis for energy release, bonding and acceptance. His loins were satisfied... so too was his heart. He felt at peace with himself, glad that his need went unspurned by boys. It wet their young bodies with love. "I have to piss," Jimmy asked. Their magical moment had ended by his admission. He felt the reluctant release of hands from around his body but they loosened enough for him to turn away. Their triad was broken. He found a tree and after an awkward pause, let go. free lolita 12yo girls Jeff came to his side. With a nervous giggle, the youth joined his yellow stream over Jimmy's. A quick glance at each other revealed what their embrace had achieved. It was a wonderful discovery to see their bodies covered with spilt seed. Jimmy's groin was filled with a man's thick white cum which ran down his pole. Jeff's belly and his balls were sticky from a clear, boyish release. "You did that?" Jeff asked while pointing at the wet spots on his body. Jimmy could only nod. He pointed down at himself and knew that his friend saw the thick white cum of a man on him. Jeff grinned. He continued to piss against the tree roots. Peter was busy too. With camera in hand, he had stalked around the boys' position by the tree, aimed... and shot their wet appearance. He saw their yellow flows end because of his intrusion. Frowns and worried looks followed. The man had to free forbidden lolitas nude act quickly. He lowered his camera and took his limp penis in hand and aimed it. A strong yellow flow came out at the boys' feet. After a moment, Jimmy and Jeff joined him. When they were done, it became an awkward moment like when Adam and Eve realized lolitas pre teens tube their nakedness after eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Jeff ran to fetch their nn preteen erotical lolita breech-cloths. Peter went to where his pants and underwear layed over the ground. He put them on followed by the wearing of his shirt. When he looked around for the boys, he found them clothed in their Indian flaps xxx preteen lolitas models of deerskin. There were smug expressions of both faces. "If you're done with photographing us," Jimmy asked, "we'll be returning to our barracks." Peter nodded. "Just one more shot," he pleaded. When he saw little resistance, lolitas youn gilrs photos he quickly brought his camera up to his eye. His view finder focused on the two boys facing him. Pout faces; teen lolita pics only Jeff broke into a grin while Jimmy still had a serious look on him. "You really do have very hot young lolitas the best painted breech-cloths of the group," Peter told them. That brought out a smile in Jimmy. Snap. The photo was taken. "Thank you. I'll always treasure what we've done here. Can you keep it a secret?" Peter pleaded. asian schoolgirl panties lolita Jimmy thought about it. "I can, if you keep our photos a secret!" Jeff agreed by nodding his free russian loli porn head. "Done. I'll see you two back at my lodge in seven fingers of days!" Peter watched the two boys run down the path. Their rear cloths flapping over their small butts and the man could still feel the warmth of them in his hands. His camera held the sweet secrets of their young bodies though he wondered where he could go to release them onto photographic paper? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-4 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-5 nude lolita bss underage
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